Adding a Picture to a Facebook Status Update





Introduction: Adding a Picture to a Facebook Status Update

My sister recently cut her hair. I want pictures, but she doesn't know how to add them to a Facebook status update.  So, this instructable is for her, and will demonstrate how to add a single picture to a Facebook status update as quickly and easily as possible.

If you have multiple pictures to add, this will not suit your needs. This is only to add a single picture.  There are other ways of doing it, and some are better, but this one is straight forward and easy, so I'm going with this method.

Step 1: Enter Your Status Update

First step is to enter your status update, and then click on the Picture button next to the word Attach.

Step 2: Browse for the File

The screen will update to the first picture below. You want to click on Upload a photo.

When you click on Upload a photo, you'll see a new screen that will give you a Browse button.  Click the Browse button to start browsing your computer for the picture.

Step 3: Find Your Picture

Find the picture you want to add to the status update, just like you would browse for any other file you want to open.  When you find it, you can click on it, then click on open, or just double click on it.

Note that this step is specific for Windows, but other operating systems will be similar.

Step 4: Submit Your Status Update

You are almost done now.  After you have found your file, the little box next to the browse button will be filled in.

Just click on the Share button, and your status will update.  That's it.



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    7 Discussions

    Please try this method

    I was able to add photos to an already existing photo. You select edit post, then select the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes you'll have to scroll all the way down to do this. The camera icon for me appears where you would start adding text (to the left of the text field). Hope that helps! I'll see if I can do another post with a photo.

    it's not working with my post, which has 3 photos and i want to change one of them.

    Please try this method

    Please try this method

    To add photo to an already existing post, you select edit post, then select the camera icon (see blue camera icon in my photo):