Adding Additional Lighting to Your Motorcycle With LED's




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Though there is a lot involved in wiring as a general rule, it can be very rewarding to accomplish.
Additionally, this would be a great project to start. It is straight forward because the two items that are being wired, an amber strip for turn signals and a red running light, need 12 volts and there are two wires coming from them, positive and negative.

Another property of Light Emitting Diodes is that electricity can only flow through them one way, so the worst thing other than blowing a fuse (you or on your machine) it just won't light. Reverse the two wires and the light should come on, there is no damage, it just won't work.

If you have been considering this and are very close to undertaking your own adventure, perhaps what you see taken apart on my machine will inspire you to try. I found a 12" amber strip, 12 volt ready for around 2 dollars on ebay and I bought 8 of them. For the large red lens on the top box, I bought two 24" strips totalling 5.00. So, inexpensive it is, and the wire, solder and tape used I already had, and just bought a few quick disconnects so I can take the top box and side cases off as needed. Let's begin.

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    1 year ago on Introduction

    I was looking through the pages of Instructables for motorcycle helmet face shield mods when I discovered this thread and thought I'd give an update. The amber strips have long since eroded from uv and weather but the red led on the sides are still doing well. I have since purchased amber LED's, like the ones on the sidecase, and mounted them in the back to aid in awareness for a turn signal indication.