Adding Antenna to a Mini Wi-Fi Receiver


Introduction: Adding Antenna to a Mini Wi-Fi Receiver


Firstly, this is my first instructable and english is not my native language. Because of that please forgive my faults.

Well, tis instructable is about how to add an antenna to a mini wifi receiver. It's not very hard but you will need some basic abilities like soldering. Shall we start!

Step 1: Opening Your Receiver.

I bought this one from eBay it was around 5$. And i accidently pulled it as hard. And i realize that it can open and cloase. Thats all. And just try to pull it. If you can't open it with just pulling, try some sharp materials.

Step 2: Find the Antenna of Your Receiver.

Well it should be something like a green cable which is looking like "s" letter.

Step 3: Engraving the Antenna

if you find the antenna, now you should engrave it to solder it. I used a needle to engrave. If you want you can use a knife or a sharp thing. Just engrave it until you see the yellow or white metal.

Step 4: Soldering!

Soldering to a little place can be hard because of that be carefull while soldering. Do not hurt yourself, also do not hurt the receiver.

Step 5: Make a Hole for New Antenna.

make a hole to plastic. Now here is the thing that you shouldn't do: Dont make hole with your solder machine because it doesnt smell good and its a little bit boring to clean it from soldering machine.

Step 6: Prepare It for Closing.

Well i used hot glue to stabilize solder inside. But after i realized that i used too much hot glue for this. And i tried to make a few millimeters longer.

Step 7: Finish!

It can be a little bit ugly but do not worry about that because its working 3 times better than it was.



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    8 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Sorry for the messed up post guys it's hard to see what's actually been in the message as it being tight on this cell phone app kind of sucks


    1 year ago

    Very cool mod here's another idea guys attached that wire to another antenna maybe if I quad mountain Antigua junk satellite TV antenna just an idea

    Very interesting addition for these wifi adapters. Good job. The length of the antenna should matter though. How did you decide which length to use?

    3 replies

    The length of the antenna does matter. Although it may not for such a low TX power output of this device. When building antennas, if you don't calculate your antenna dimensions correctly you can actually damage your output amplifier (final). In most cases you can not use an arbitrary length of wire and "longer produces more gain" is generally incorrect. Antenna design and shape is what increases gain.

    Well, the lenght of the antenna increases gain. After making some researches i realized that i can make 6 dBi antenna with just 12.5 cm cable. And if you need sources : and . And thank you for commenting

    Thanks. That will help for anyone (including me) who might want to use extent the range or strengthen the signal. Again, interesting instructable, great job.

    I am actually using that same wifi adapter inside of a raspberry pi portable project and I will most definitely do this to get better reception! also I did not notice any English faults so good job! :)

    1 reply