Electric Screwdriver Hack




Original screwdriver runs with 4*1.5v non rechargeable cells. I modified the battery system with 5 rechargeable cells, So that we can get 6v to run the screwdriver perfectly. I also found difficulty in handling the screwdriver without handle. I thought to add handle at low cost and for easy handling. It costs half of the original rechargeable screwdriver (with handle).


Step 1: Prototype

This is my prototype made with plastic toy gun. This also worked well but not as strong as I desired.

Step 2: Parts and Tools Needed

    Parts needed:

    • Electric screwdriver
    • Push to ON switch
    • Slide switch (forward / reverse)
    • 2 * Nut and bolt
    • PCB clad
    • Battery holder (Cut the spring)
    • 6 mm MDF
    • 4 mm MDF
    • Wood glue

    Tools needed:

    • Jigsaw
    • Drill machine
    • Soldering iron
    • Screwdriver

    Step 3: Design and Cutting

    • Cut 3 pieces of template 1 from 6mm MDF.
    • Cut 2 pieces of template 2 from 4mm MDF.
    • Glue 6mm MDF's.

    Step 4: Cutting Grooves

    Cut grooves as shown in picture so that the battery, switches to be fitted.

    Step 5: Drilling Holes for Wiring

    Drill holes as shown in pictures

    Step 6: Disassembling Screwdriver

    Disassemble the screwdriver as shown in pictures.

    Step 7: Drilling Hole for Screws

    Drill the holes as shown in the pictures.

    Step 8: Wiring

    Step 9: Finishing Handle Part

    Step 10: Setup for 5th Battery

    Step 11: Making the Stand

    Cut 2 wood pieces for making stand as shown.

    Step 12: Final Step

    I filled the gaps by mixing wood dust and glue. Finally paint it.



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