Adding Phone Hook to Al Chepo Modern Phone



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Disclaimer-I assume no responsability done in the process by the people who try to replicate my result.

This phone is not the best one out there.Its super humongous (blackberry size) and has no phone hook

I wonder how other people carry their big big notebook sized phone like galaxy note (no offence,just a question) but when I carry one,my body starts to itch and it also restricts my movement

I remember the good old days when I had phones with p2k os (proprietary os on moto rokr [e1] and moto v635 and I owned both of those phones) on them.

I had a phone strap installed on their phone hooks making them easier to carry.

so I decided to add one on this phone too.

The method is simple,but don't try unless you know what you are doing

-with clean hands,open the phone,in a clean environment.

-find where the screw holes are

-drill holes (i used dremel rotary tool) and put wire around screw point such that the wire puts pressure on the screw point,be sure that it also provides room for the circuit.

I used stainless steel tie wire.and made a knot inside the phone,without causing short circuit or any other problem

-clean glass and screen if required

-close it and enjoy




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