Addon for Warped3 CoreXY Engraver

Introduction: Addon for Warped3 CoreXY Engraver

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This is an instructable for an Addon for my CoreXY laser engraver. It adds classic spindle in stead of laser.

Instructable for that project can be found here.

Items needed:

Small Collet Drill Chuck Set - $2.65

12V brushed DC motor - from old inkjet printer

Stepper motor from old inkjet printer

Threaded rod m8

2 x M8 nuts

4 x M3 screws

Spindle Holder

Step 1: Assembly

Add a small 12V DC motor to the slider with M3 screws.

Place the two M8 nuts in the groves for them. Thread the M8 rod to keep them straight and apply some glue to fix them in place. Make sure no glue gets in the groves or on the outside of the slider.

Step 2: Slider

Slide the two pieces together. If they are not sliding, use sanding paper to slightly enlarge one or the other part.

Step 3: Finilize

Add the M8 rod and use small coupler to connect it to the stepper that is connected to the top.

The board from prior tutorial has place for another axis (Z). Just connect it to it and now it behaves as classic GRBL CNC.

To power the DC spindle, plug it in where laser is usually plugged in. Now you have start and stop capability. Use M3 and M5 Gcode commands to start and stop it.

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