Adjustable Cardboard Lampshade (Helmet)




Introduction: Adjustable Cardboard Lampshade (Helmet)

My fourth instructable, and part of a continuing series of cardboard furniture/objects/explorations i am developing at Terra Politica.

This is my design for an adjustable paper and cardboard lampshade i call Helmet (some people call it pac-man)

The design is based on the concept of two independent shells held in place on a cardboard spindle, rotating past each other which allow the light to be directed upwards, downwards or even at an angle, all from a stationary pendant lampshade.

I've used 1.5mm corrugated cardboard for the structure that secures the lampshade in place, and then some glossy white card, probably about .5mm thick, to make the shells themselves.

I made this piece about 5 months ago, and it's held up well since then. There's a few issues i'd like to work out with friction and wear on the cardboard spindles, but overall this design has performed well. I'd like to develop this design further, but am currently at a bit of an impasse with it.

If you'd like to know more, please feel free to ask.

i will try to get some photos of it lit up as soon as i can, as the lampshade takes on a different character then!

As usual, i design in sketches, translate to 3d CAD, print nets, cut them by hand and then assemble the pieces into the objects.

The design is light, and can be retrofitted to most lightbulbs without any need to rewire.

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