Adjustable Cardboard Lampshade (Phoenix)





Introduction: Adjustable Cardboard Lampshade (Phoenix)

My third instructable, part of my Cardboard Collection that you can see over at Terra Politica.

This lampshade is made from 16 triangular cardboard panels connected by coloured folded paper. The Triangles are held in place by a circular hinge, and are free to rotate about the hinge thereby easily changing the shape of the lampshade from uplight to downlight.

I've used 1.5mm cardboard for the structure and triangular panels, and standard pink A3 paper for the ambient colour - i was going for a warm look, but playing around with the colours could be interesting.

I'm planning on developing this lampshade, there's a couple of problems with the design as it is, but the overall effect is pleasant, and the usability of the uplight/downlight works well. I made the lamp about 5 months ago, but the photos show its recent condition.

Currently i'm using a pink string to hold the lampshade in place at either extreme, but that's a stop-gap solution i hope to rectify.

If you'd like some more info, please feel free to ask. Once i've worked up the design better i'll consider adding a step by step.

It was a fun project, probably took about 4 hours to cut everything out by hand and assemble once i'd got the design work sorted. Should retrofit onto most lightbulbs.



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Please provide step by step instructions. I can't see how to attach the 2 triangular frames to the ring and the cardboard & paper shade.

I can't wait to see where this ends up - full of potential. I could see a set of these as track lighting, going from indirect recessed light into direct spot lighting. One of the best things I have seen on this site in quite a while. If the hinge could be a more heavy-duty design, I'd be curious to see it with mirrored panels and silk fabric between!

You are on a roll! You should really make these into a step-by-step instructable, I would love to know how to make these.

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thanks :)

I think i'll put something together for the Drum Stool, i would do the same for these lampshades but i'm still ironing out a few creaks in the design.

Too many projects on the go at once means i usually take a little while to get round to things :/

The design is awesome as is! I'm personally super interested in how the hinge is assembled, since that's all that appears to be missing from that diagram picture.

The hinge is quite simple in concept, but was a nightmare to cut out neatly by hand!

On the diagram i included in the pictures you can see a faceted circular shape with slots cut into it. Thats the hinge. Now look at the lamp again, can you see the cross shapes which penetrate the middle of each triangular panel? The horizontal part of each cross is the faceted circular hinge. The vertical part is a small piece of cardboard that simply slots in through the triangle into the circle and locks the triangle in place.

The pivoting action occurs because there's just enough tolerance in the cardboard joint to allow for that movement.

Hope that explains it, thanks for your feedback :)

sorry, when i say "triangular panel" i mean the diamond shaped ones

Brain freeze!