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Hello, everyone. This time, I am back with a simple project, adjustable clothes bar for vehicle!!!

It is suitable for many kinds of vehicles, from cars to vans, and strong enough to hold up to 50 shirts!!! It can be used with other things, for another purpose, and outside your vehicle.

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Step 1: Materials

  1. 2x 36 cm long 1/2" PVC pipes
  2. 1x 80 cm long Aluminum pipe (1" outer diameter and 1 mm thickness)
  3. elastic braid 9mm wide (approximately 120 cm)

Step 2: Play With Fire

Hold one end of the PVC pipe over the fire, bend approximately 4 cm of the pipe to be perpendicular to the rest of that tube, and squash it. (see more details in pictures)

Repeat this process to the other pipe.


  1. Heat gun might performs better result.
  2. Dipping the tube into the water during bending process will help the tube to be fixed.
  3. Be careful. The tube might be torn apart during bending process.

Step 3: Making Holes

Make two 3/16" holes, one approximately 1 cm away from the end of the squeezed part, and one at the center of the tube. (see more details in pictures) Repeat this process with the other tube.

Step 4: Assemble #1

Tie an elastic braid with the the hole on the squeezed part and pull the rope through the tube to the other side. (see more details in pictures)

Step 5: Assemble #2

Pull the elastic braid through aluminium pipe, then join the PVC and aluminium tubes together. (see more details in pictures)

Step 6: Assemble #3

Pull the elastic braid through the other PVC pipe and the hole. Join the PVC pipe all the way with the aluminium pipe, adjust the tension, then tie it with the hole at the end of PVC pipe and cut the rest of the elastic out. (see more details in pictures)


Using tweezers makes it easier to pull the elastic through the hole.

Step 7: Done!!!

Our project is finally done!!! See the instruction in the video.

Step 8: Not Simple Enough?

If this is still too difficult for you, there is an easier nonadjustable one.

Just bend the two ends of PVC pipe!!!

One More Things...

  • Thank you to my sister who helped me writing these instructions in English.
  • Thank you for visiting.

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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Thats very clever. So you must tighten the elastic up when you have tied it onto the second bar and the handles on the car are what keeps the bar at the right length.

    Orion Makerjpharrington

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks. I agree, but it is not that dangerous since pipes are quite long and we can use pliers to bend them.