Adjustable Height Monitor for Stand Up Desk Using Film Enlarger Neck

Introduction: Adjustable Height Monitor for Stand Up Desk Using Film Enlarger Neck

I love my desk, but when I heard about the benefits of a stand up desk I became wrought with sadness for it's design prevented me from using it standing. 

The shelf above was hardly getting any use, so I thought I could move my monitor up to it, but it was just too short to fit. In fact, it's nearly the exact height as my displays pixel area is tall. With that in mind I thought why not cut out the back of the shelf and come up with a clever way to mount the display on the back of the shelf.

This introduced it's own issues. I couldn't think of an sturdy and clean way to mount the display while still allowing me to remove it at will without climbing over and behind my desk.

So I was on the lookout for anything that might lend itself to this project some day. I thought it ideal to be able to position the display freely, high or low, standing or sitting. A few days later, at the thrift shop, something caught my eye. A vintage film enlarger with a great amount of travel in it's neck and a tensioned metal belt to assist in the lift. "Aaaaah", I thought. If it's tall enough this just might work! So I picked it up for like $10, brought it home, measured, smiled, and began to hack this together with whatever I had laying around.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    that looks pretty good. how much travel vertically do you get on the monitor?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    it's about 2-1/2', it has enough to just over-throw beyond the gap in the desk. Other enlargers may have longer necks.