Adjustable Height (Sit / Stand) Desk Power Cord Hack




Introduction: Adjustable Height (Sit / Stand) Desk Power Cord Hack

Adjustable height desks are becoming all the rage now, but in my opinion they fall short on the ascetics. You buy this amazing electric desk then you have to plug in all of your stuff. All of the cords end up draping off the back side of the desk to a power strip.

Solution: Add power strip to the underside of the desktop!

The desk base was purchased from Ergo Depot

Step 1: Prep the Power Cord Holes

Make a plate for cord to attach to on desktop frame. I used 1/8" steel scrap I had laying around.

Use a hole saw to make holes for the cord grips.

Step 2: Prep Cord and Power Strip

Cut cord at shortest position and attach cord grips to both ends.

Open power strip enclosure and desolder the power wires.

Fish new power wires through desktop frame and solder the new power wires to the power strip.

PRIME 6 Outlet Metal Enclosure Power Strip

McMaster 7529K8 Straight Cord Grip

McMaster 7088K225 Heavy Duty 14 Gauge 0.55" OD Coiled Wire

Step 3: Button Up the Wires

The plate that was added for the power cord is a great place to store loose wires.

Step 4: Attach Mains Power

CAUTION: Turn off breaker!



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    4 Discussions

    Having bare wires go through a small hole like that with with exposed wire nuts and not a box and plug is probably against your local electrical code.

    Nice trick. At first I thought it was instructions for a sit/stand desk. Only slightly disapointed as this is a good tip.

    Thanks for the feedback :)