Adjustable Kitten/Cat Harness




Introduction: Adjustable Kitten/Cat Harness

My cat likes to go out on a leash and be walked. We have a kitten who is too small for the store bought harness but want to go outside.I have a bunch of those elastic headbands laying around so I got a great idea!!

Step 1: Tie Two Together

I took two and tied them together...

Step 2: Harness Is Done!

Now I have the perfect adjustable safety harness for the kitten to get used to. And it stretches very nicely to get him trained to be on a leash correctly. We wouldn't want our new little boy to run in the road!! (The photo is inside because it's raining)

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    so are the hair ties the harness it self - like do the cats legs go through the gap


    4 years ago

    whatch for slip a temps is all I have to say. Have you ever tried using paracord cobra knots? If you do the simple cobra knot with out the center filling, it still stretches greatly, but not as much as elastic. Much safer if you ask most pet owners with paracord.