Adjustable Laptop Stand

Introduction: Adjustable Laptop Stand

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Sometimes you need a laptop stand that is a bit more adjustable. This stand is good for when you need to change the height of your laptop.

This stand is easy and quick with some cool scrap acrylic and non-skid padding.

Step 1: Supplies

For this you need
Acrylic of the right size enough for your laptop size and the legs
Laser cutter (or other acrylic cutting tools)
non-slip matting

Step 2: Cut (laser or Normal) the Acrylic Legs

First you want to cut the acrylic legs to size and put steps in every inch or so. I made my cuts about 1/4" to match the base acrylic I had.

Step 3: Slide the Stand Together

Check if the stand fits right by just putting it together. After I did this i realized i need something to prevent the laptop from skidding down.

Step 4: Cut and Add Non Skid Padding

Cut out the non-skid padding and apply with some spray glue. I choose a funny face on mine, you can be as boring or as creative as you want.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Stand!

If the legs feel a bit weak due to the weight of your laptop, try a thicker acrylic!

As you can see in the pictures you can move it up and down as needed!

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