Adjustable Paracord Dog Collar: Cobra Weave

This is an adjustable paracord dog collar using the cobra weave. It is only my second attempt at using paracord, my first being a simple cobra weave bracelet with a buckle. It took me about 2 hours to make it today and I didn't really think it was going to be a success so I didn't take pictures as I was going so this is all I have. I might try and make another one soon and I'll do a step by step for that one if anyone wants it. :-)

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    4 Discussions

    It adjusts just like any other collar would. Its a little difficult to adjust it because I didnt use a very good slider piece so its a pretty tight squeeze. Otherwise its just like a collar you would buy from the store. :) For being my second project I'm pretty happy with it. It fits my Great Dane puppy perfectly and it should continue to fit her when shes older.

    Ok, thanks! I have been thinking about making an adjustable one for a while, but I coudn't figure out a good way to do it.

    Yup! It was pretty difficult trying to figure it out at first. I had to attach it at the center post of the sliding piece as the ending then thread it thru the female end of the plug. I just took her collar from the store and held it up and replicated it. just make sure you get a buckle and sliding piece that has extra wide spacing to allow for the thick cord to slide easy. The best advice I could give for this project is to just follow exactly a store bought collar. Pay attention to where the ends are attached to and which direction you need to go to make it properly adjust. Otherwise, best of luck to you! I hope it turns out good!