Adjustable Multi-Stand

Introduction: Adjustable Multi-Stand

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This is an adjustable stand for tablets, smartphones, mp3 players, ect. It is constructed with k-nex.

Step 1: Get Materials

look at the pics and get what u see.

Step 2: Start Building

look at the pics, assemble what u see

Step 3: Try It

the tall knob should tilt the holder.

I will make this instructable more explanatory later, but this will do just for now...

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    actually i won't. srry guys. been a long time, i don't think it's that neccessary. if any of you would 2 see it anyways, just send me a message.


    3 years ago

    Hello guys! "HiPoweredHacker" is my old account. If you liked this, you
    may check out my new instructables by clicking on my username! :)