Adjustable Tool Rest

Introduction: Adjustable Tool Rest

If you are anything like me, You love to build things with your hands. Over the years, I have realized that tools and materials have a tendency to slip around exactly when I do not want them to. I decided to fix this problem for as cheap as possible, So I created this tool. This tool will allow you to set your tools and materials at certain places, to make them easier for you to work with.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

3-4' of steel conduit

2 Conduit Couplers

A steel plate (not pictured) around 3"x 5"

Saw/ Grinder


Metal file

Step 2: Getting Started

First, We need to take the steel couplers and cut them in half lengthwise. After this is done, we will want to file down the burrs* that will appear during the sawing process. This will allow us to slide a piece of the conduit fully through the coupler half.

Step 3: Building the Arms

Cut one piece of the conduit to about 2' long (Piece A) . You will also need a piece that is about 18 inches long (Piece B), and one that is about 4" long (Piece C). Set piece "B" aside for now. We need to weld piece "C" perpendicularly to the end of piece "A". (As shown in the first picture)

Next, we need to weld a coupler to the end of piece "B", making sure that there are no burrs in the way of the coupler.

Once this is complete, the arms are done.

Step 4: The Base

Now we will take the steel plate, and weld a coupler half to the center of the plate.

After the weld has cooled, we will need to drill holes to mount the tool rest to a workbench.

Step 5: Assembly

it is now timeto begin the assembly of the tool. first, we must drill into our workbench, so that we can mount the base to it. once this is done, slide the arm with part "B", (which will now be our horizontal arm) onto the other arm, and slide that arm into the base. REMEMBER to tighten the set screws* on the couplers. The last thing we need to do now is put another coupler half onto the horizontal arm, this will give us something else to rest our materials against when using the arm.

Step 6: Debrief

Thank you for making this tool. this tool is still a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions, I would be happy to hear them.

Step 7: Dictionary

Burrs- pieces of metal flakes or shards. usually the result of cut metal.

Set Screws- Screws that allow an object to be positioned in a certain place, and held in place by another object.

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    3 years ago

    Looks good, have fun building!