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About: I'm a married father of four running a bakery in China, and have not much time to do other things. I know my way with tools, like to help friends if something has broken down, and also enjoy creating things ...

My 3 years old son has started liking basketball, and I wanted to make a hoop for him. This is made with some scrap wood and plastic piping I had laying around.

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Step 1: What You Need

Base board, about 2x2 feet (I used an old kitchen cabinet door)
2  2"x2" wooden blocks
12 anchors for plastic piping
3 plastic pipes 3feet long (depending how tall you want the hoop to be)
Back plate for the hoop, with hoop. (I'll let you know my cheap way of making it)

Step 2: Let's Start!

Take 6 of the anchors, and screw on each of the wooden blocks, 2 anchors on three of the sides.

Step 3: The Foot

-Attach one of the blocks onto the base plate. Be sure to put the block on so the side without the anchors is towards the edge.
-"click" the pipes into the anchors.

Step 4: The Hoop Part

-Attach the second block to the hoop plate.
-"click" the pipes into the anchors, at desired height.

Step 5: The Hoop W/backplate

I happened to have stiff cable laying around that can be bent to the shapes you'd like.
-Drill 2 holes in a wooden board at a good size (mine was a bit bigger than 1x1 foot)
-Stick the wire in the wholes so you have a couple of inches sticking out at the back.
-Bend the wire at the back and drive a nail through each of the ends of the wire,
attaching the wirer to the hoop plate.
-Bend the wirer to desired shape.
Have a look at the pictures for better understanding.

Step 6: Time to Play!

My son loved this thing, not caring about the looks of it.
If needed, you can find something heavy to put on the plate that makes the foot.

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