Adjustable Bookshelf for Angled Walls





Introduction: Adjustable Bookshelf for Angled Walls

Since angled walls/roofs are hard to make shelving systems for, I have made a bookshelf to utilize this mostly lost space.
You can adjust the bookshelf to every angle, by adapting the bolts en setting the angle right. 
If you want to, you can also put it on a regular wall, wherever you want, or on a flat surface. Of course you don't have to use it for books, you can put any stuff you want in it.
As we had to move the bookcase several times to take pictures, I didn't secure it to the wall, because that would make too many holes in my walls... Therefore you can see my hand on most of the pictures.
The system is not expensive, I only had to buy wood and bolts/screws.
The whole built took just a few hours. It is extremely convenient!

The materials I used:
-Long pieces of wood 
-8 screw bars (30 cm each)
-16 irons nuts

The tools I used:
-A drill
-A saw
-Some sand paper to finish the edges

The basic steps:
-Cutting the wooden pieces to the right size
-Drilling the holes for the screw bar 
-Assembling and attaching the wooden pieces to the screw bars
-Tightening the bolts
-Finishing the corners with sand paper

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    16 Discussions


    What a genius idea, I'm going to use this in my camper and my loft. Thank you very much!

    1 reply

    Nice! clean and neat, I would keep a look-out at Ikea for this design - I haven't seen anything there resembling this... Yet.

    1 reply

    Great work! I wonder whether it wouldn't be cheaper to use boards and then cut out "teeth", but then it would lack support... Maybe making boxes rather than shelves, 1/3 of your design so to speak, using hinges instead of bolts... But then you would not be able to fix them in position, unless you added something for that...

    Well, I'm babbling here, I love the design, thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    I agree with using boards and cutting teeth out of it but I didn't have the proper material to cut straight teeth out of it, so I just bought them ;)
    Hinges would be an option but i prefer using the boltmechanism because it's more 'hidden' in the system. Thanks a lot!

    Great idea. How would you secure this to the wall? And, I assume tightening the bolts would maintain the angle and shape of the bookcase?

    1 reply

    You can secure it in two ways: attach the shelf to the angled wall or to the vertical wall. I would recommend attaching it with bolts, screw or nails. Tightening the bolts will maintain the angle and the shape, as you assumed. Thanks!