Adjustable Garden Sprinkler With Height (disabled Tripod)





Introduction: Adjustable Garden Sprinkler With Height (disabled Tripod)

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My trusty tripod finally broke. A friend put my sprinkler on the tripod as illustrated by the following photos. The best part is that you can water above the plants so at some points there is more coverage when you have high foliage.

Tripod (mine was broken, you might Craigslist or eBay for a used tripod)
Piece of wood
Two metal brackets
Power drill/screwdriver is always handy
Yellow Rustoleum spray paint, optional



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    3 Discussions

    Thanks, Kris T.
    Now I see they sell sprinklers that look very similar. 8-)

    A very fitting use, I think. I mean, why not? Camera pods and sprinkler pods are very similar, if not completely so.

    You got me thinking: On the flip side, if someone found a dirt cheap tripod sprinkler at a yard sale, that for whatever reason no longer worked like a sprinkler, they could probably adapt it as a camera pod. That would be pretty swell too. :D

    You can probably extend the head above the existing base by unscrewing the head and fitting a piece of threaded pipe in. I did this over 20 years ago (long before I discovered instructables). Use a cinder block (aka concrete block) to weigh down the base.