Adjusting Nissan Sentra Serpentine Belts

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Intro: Adjusting Nissan Sentra Serpentine Belts

Squealing or slipping belts? This DIY "how-to" shows you where to find the simple adjustments for the serpentine belt and standard belt for a Nissan Sentra and how to tighten it. Photos are of a 2006 model year with a GD16DE motor but many models are similar.

Be sure the engine is turned OFF before making any adjustments.

Tools needed:

- 8mm socket wrench with a small extension (for serpentine belt adjustment rod)

- 14mm socket (for serpentine belt idler pulley)

- 12mm socket (for regular belt adjustments)

For the serpentine belt: Just be sure to slightly loosen the 14mm idler-pulley nut before you adjust the 8mm threaded adjustment rod.

For the smaller belt that goes around the power-steering and waterpump, be sure to loosen the 12mm nut on the side so the power-steering pump can move before you adjust the 12mm nut on the threaded adjustment rod.

DO NOT overtighten the belts. Only tighten them enough to stop the squealing to avoid extra stress on the belts and bearings.

These adjustments use a normal (as opposed to a reverse) thread. We like to use this simple memory mnemonic to help you remember which way to turn light bulbs, nuts, bolts and other things that screw in and out:

"Righty-Tighty - Lefty-Loosey"

Making Nissan Sentra Serpentine Belt Adjustments



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    Question 5 months ago on Introduction

    I loosen the nut and I twisted the rod but the belt still isn't loose

    Thanks for the advice. I wasn't sure how to adjust the power steering belt till I read this. The only thing I would add is that you should tighten the belt some, ( I couldn't tell how tight to go), then start the car and see if it stops the slipping, then you could readjust if needed.

    I am sorry for my english, but, for me, was necesary to loosey one bolt inner side of

    the power steering pump, , it can make accesible taking out the tire and cautchut