Eagle Painting on a Cookie

Little painting on a cookie

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Step 1:

rainbow dust paint in powder form

Step 2:

sugarflair, food grade ethanol

Step 3:

New paint palette

Step 4: Fondant on a Cookie

the painting will come on the fondant

Step 5: Put Some Rainbow Dust and Sugarflair Together

now jou have some paint

Step 6: Paint


Step 7: First Im Making the Background

Step 8: When the Paint Is Wet Jou Can Blend Out the Colors

Step 9: Im Painting a Woman

and the adler

Step 10: Making a Tree and Some Grass

Step 11: Little Movie


Step 12: Snowowl Painting on Fondant

Step 13: Painting on a Cookie

painting on a cookie

Step 14:

Painting on fondant, Halloween

Step 15:

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