Admit One Ticket Bowl

Introduction: Admit One Ticket Bowl

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This bowl was made using a roll of Admit One Tickets.  You can get these tickets at Office Supply or Party Stores.

I purchased this roll of tickets at Staples.  I began by taking the roll of tickets and laying it on a piece of cork to outline the circle in the bottom with a black marker.  Once this was outlined, I used scissors to cut this out and then hot glued it into the bottom of the roll. 

Once the hot glue was set, I began to form the roll of tickets into a bowl shape.  You will need to make sure that the words of your tickets are facing the right direction.  Begin at the top and pull the tickets into the shape you are wanting.  If you mess up, you can use a hammer to lightly tap the tickets back into a solid roll and start over.

Once the bowl is shaped as you like it, you will need to turn the bowl over and begin applying mod podge hard coat to the bowl.  I applied two coats (wait for each coat to completely dry before applying the next one) liberally.  After that is finished, turn the bowl over and apply the mod podge to the admit one area.  Finally, I added one light coat of mod podge to the inside of the bowl.

These would be great to use for a Movie Lover's gift.  You could fill them with movies, popcorn and candy, gift cards, etc.

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