Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Create Vector 3D Football




Introduction: Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Create Vector 3D Football

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Adobe Illustrator is the best software to do vector files, the advantage of vector files is that you can edit the file as you want without loosing the quality if the file. so I can enlarge it or remove or edit the text much easier than doing it on flat images.

I am sorry for not recording my voice on the video.

So here is one of my work when I create vector 3D football soccer.

Here is the steps:

1 - In this video I use inner glow for the inside small shapes I prefer to do that better than doing outline color for the shapes.

2 - Also I use Envelop "Object - Distort to make - Make with Warp" of the entire shapes and adjust the points.

3 - I draw a circle and squares and make them as guides to align the points and handles to the same place all around.

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