Adobe Photoshop Lightsabers

Introduction: Adobe Photoshop Lightsabers

This instructable tells you how to make an lightsaber for a picture.
You need Adobe Photoshop cs2 or cs3.
You can download this on torrent search engines like IsoHunt.
You need an torrent client like BitComet.

Well lets begin!

Step 1: Get a Picture!!

Download an picture or make one yourself. You need something like a stick. otherwise you dont know where you need to make your core.

Step 2: Make an New Layer

That will bring up the New Layer window.
Call it like Lightsaber or thing.
You can choose your color for the layer.
Hit OK and your layer will be displayed in the layer box.

Step 3: Brushes

On the toolbox press the brush button.
Go to BRUSH box on top where brush is displayed.
Click on the brush, that will bring an box with layers.
Select the brush with outside blur.
If the brush isnt there, choose basic brushes from the preset menu.

Step 4: Lets Begin!!

Once brush selected, click on the bottom of the stick and hold SHIFT.
Go to the top of the stick ( in my case outside the image,) and click again.
You see you have an nice blured core!
You can let go shift.

Step 5: Effects

Now double click your layer.
In my case; Lightsaber.
That will bring out the layer style menu.
Click on Outer Glow and you will see a little yellow colored box.
Click on that box and choose your color.
I will do Green.

Then go to the Opacity Line and make that 100%.
Your saber will be brighter.

Go to the Contour box displayed on the bottom of the window.
select the half round one.
That will make your saber even more Blurry.

Step 6: Done! (in My Case Then)

Hit OK and you are done!!!!
This effect will make your Pic's more reality!


--If you want more sabers from the same color, dont make new layers.
Just repeat step 4!

--Try to make your sabers the same diameter as the stick.

--Use small sticks.

Thanks for stopping by on this Instructable.

Oh and the picture below is the result.

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    8 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    lol users on this site actually tell you to torrent....shame.

    Torrents are bad. Not only are they illegal, they will do bad things to your computer. It is better to support the company that gives us these tools.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Or are the words Bitcomet, ISOhunt and torrent now cuss words?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    No. But alot of people use torrents. Or you can buy it for like $300-$500.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Well DUH! it should! I have cs4 and it does! if it doesn't then you have something wrong with your computer or software

    Xombie Doll
    Xombie Doll

    11 years ago on Introduction

    very helpful and easy to understand thank you.. i used it to make lasers though lol .


    12 years ago on Introduction

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