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I love owls and it's no secret: my username is a dead giveaway; that's why I simply could not resist making a Lego Owl.  I was so pleased with the results that I decided to make instructions.  He has full wing flapping capabilities and looks unbelievably adorable.  He has many uses: he can be the center piece for your table; you could make him into an ornament if change up the back and put a hook there; whatever you do with him, if you build him, is up to you.  The possibilities are endless, so get building.

To all who are interested in building:
If anyone could make this little guy in black and take a neat looking picture, it would really make my day; I will be more than happy to give a patch to anyone who can do this for me.  If you build him in any color, though, I'd be happy.  If you can, take a picture, and I will add him or her to the step here.

Thanks for stumbling onto my instructable.
~DOP (DarkOwlProductions)

For the Youth Design Challenge: I am native to the Chicagoland area!

Step 1: Piece Count

Regular Bricks:
2x4: x2
1x4: x3
1x4 - With Four Pegs On The Side: x1
1x2: x4 (Or you can trade two of these for another 1x4)*
1x1: x2
1x1 - With indented peg: x2
1x1 - Cone Variant: x1

Flat Bricks:
4x4: x1
3x3 - Triangle Variant: x2
2x4: x4 (Or you can trade two for another 4x4)*
2x3: x2
2x2 - Smooth Top: x1
1x4 - Smooth Top: x1
1x2: x2
1x2 - Centered Peg: x3
1x2 - Rod Hinge: x4 
1x2 - Smooth Top: x2 (Or you can trade these for a 1x4 with a smooth top)*
1x1 - Smooth Top: x2
1x1 - Smooth Top With Slant: x2
1x1 - With Rod Attachment Hinge: x4

*Notes will be added where pieces can be replaced.

Step 2: The Ears/Top of Head.

Do you have questions or need help with anything?  Don't hesitate to ask.

Step 3: The Body/Feet

To all those disappointed with the lack of music I usually put: have a hypnotic, ear vibrating, Radiohead album on me.  I continue to proudly showcase my gorgeous carpet and my favorite music with absolutely no shame.

Step 4: The Wings

What's an owl without wings?

Step 5: Eyes, Nose, and Beak: the Face

What would an owl be without its pointy little beak and giant, round eyes?

Step 6: The Final Steps; Piecing It All Together

And you're done!  If you're able to, please take pictures and share.  Help me amass an army of owls and together we can rule the world!!!

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    5 years ago

    Don't worry I love owls to and this is amazing!!

    I hope you find the time to make one. A house full of owls sounds pretty awesome to me. I see you're living the dream! I love your username, by the way! :p

    It's a shame I never got to post it. I'm glad you liked it a lot, though. Really, it wasn't exactly operable, unless you used a cut rod for the firing pin, unfortunately. I am glad you like this owl of mine, though! :p

    My best instructable, huh? I think you're right in a way: these instructions are some of my clearest, especially now that I know how to use my camera exponentially better. Thank you for such high praise (and the favorite), and I do hope you get the chance to build it! :p

    El Pedro Taco

    5 years ago

    Cool! You've inspired me to make a Lego hermit crab along with the owl and dey gonna be friends.

    1 reply

    Awesome! If you ever do make that hermit crab, I'd love to see it, if it's possible. (I'd love to see the owl, too, of course). Hermit Crab and Owl alliance!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Its funny and awsome, because you are dark owl, and this owl is white. Hes your evil, er, good clone!!! Great owl, i will build it.

    1 reply

    :P Yes, he's my alternate, good natured clone. I tried to make him black, but I didn't have the pieces, so a clone he shall remain. I'm glad you like it; have fun building!  (I featured your comment because it's clever; it's funny, though, as I never have really featured comments until this instructable.  No matter, clever comments deserve features, although I don't know if that actually does anything for viewers.)

    War pig

    5 years ago

    So I'm guessing your switching to Legos?.....looks pretty nice man....I think you will do great in the lego section....keep it up!!

    1 reply

    Maybe not switching to legos, but I will be using them more often. My K'nex was taken away so I hope to find ways to make different things. I may even publish more guides and stuff; I am unsure. I will just post my ideas that I think are best. :3 Thank you! You have been posting some great things, my friend.