Adorable Zombie Cupcakes!

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I know Halloween tradition tends to lean towards the creepy and scary, but I can't help appreciating the adorable as well! This instructable will show you how to make your very own chibi zombie scene with cupcakes! Don't be afraid to continue on, you won't regret it!

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Step 1: Your Supplies!

For my Zombie Cupcake set up, I made my own cupcake wrappers out of card stock you can easily find in any craft store. Using pre-made store bought cupcake wrappers works just as well, and will probably make this project easier! Feel free to use which ever option suits you best and just skip over my steps to make cupcake wrappers if necessary. I probably would have opted for the pre-made if I didn't have so much card stock laying around from scrap booking.

You will need:
A Cupcake Stand (Small:Holds 12 Cupcakes or Large:Holds 24 Cupcakes!)
12-24 Unfrosted Cupcakes of your Choice
1 16oz Can of Vanilla/White Frosting per 12 Cupcakes or if you prefer to use your own frosting recipe, I used butter cream for mine
A Sharpie or Black Marker
A Fork
A Frosting Tip and 2 Frosting Bags
Green Food Coloring
Green Sprinkles
Rainbow Sprinkles
12-24 Green Cupcake Wrappers and one Brown Cupcake Wrapper
6-12 Sheets of 11"x8.5" Green Cardstock and 1 Sheet of 11"x8.5" Brown Cardstock

Step 2: Lets Begin!

So first off, you'll want to make your homemade wrappers from the sheets of card stock. If you bought your own pre-made wrappers you may go ahead and skip this step!

If you got the 11"x8.5" Sheets you will be able to get two wrappers out of each sheet using the template from my photos. Go ahead and trace the templates onto your sheets and use the scissors to cut the wrappers out of your cardstock sheets. Once you have completed cutting out all your wrappers (12 Green, 1 Brown for the Small stand and 24 Green, 1 Brown for the Large stand.) you may now grab your sharpie or black marker and continue on to the next step!

Step 3: Detailing Your Wrappers!

Go ahead and grab your sharpie or black marker, it's time to make those cute little faces on your wrappers. You may use the ones I show you in my photo or create your own.

When you draw the faces on the wrappers, you'll want to keep in mind you don't want them all drawn in the same position on the wrappers. You will want to have a variety of some drawn more to the left side and more to the right side of the wrapper so that you can position the faces to look towards the front without showing the crease where the wrapper closes.

If you want to make the blown up/ destroyed zombie just grab one of the green wrappers and cut jagged edges halfway down and save some of the scraps to toss around it in the set up.

After you have completed drawing all the faces on the wrappers to your liking, you may grab the scissors and cut a a couple bite marks at the tops of some of the zombie face wrappers. It's not necessary, but it's an adorable little extra detail to add to them. Next, go ahead and close the wrappers using the tab.
If needed a small piece of tape on the inside of the wrapper will help keep it sealed.

Step 4: Wrap Your Cupcakes!

Now that the wrappers are complete, place a baked cupcake into each one.
If you made a blown up/destroyed zombie cupcake, just cut a baked cupcake in half and save some of the pieces to scatter around it. Don't worry about frosting or decorating it, it's complete as is!

Step 5: Frost Your Cupcakes!

It's time to begin frosting. Before dying your frosting green for the zombies, you'll want to use some of the white frosting to top the Hero Cupcake. Go ahead and prepare your frosting tip/bag with enough of the white frosting to frost your 1 Hero Cupcake and frost him. Then use the rainbow sprinkles to decorate him and set him aside after he is complete.

Now you may use your green food coloring to make the frosting for the zombies. I used about 5-8 drops to get a nice green color. Prepare the frosting tip and bag and put the completed green frosting into it. Frost your zombies! The fun in these is that you don't have to frost them perfectly, imperfections are alright with zombie cupcakes! After they have been frosted, decorate them with the green sprinkles and set them aside with the Hero Cupcake.

Note: On the cupcakes where you created bite marks, use a fork to scrape the frosting and just a bit of the cupcake near the bite mark to help complete the bitten cupcake look.

Step 6: Setting Up the Scene!

With all your character cupcakes wrapped, frosted, sprinkled, and ready to go, it's time to grab your cupcake stand and set up!
Of course if you don't need to set up right away, you may just put your completed cupcakes in an airtight container and save them for whenever you need them.

The set up is nice and easy. The Hero Cupcake gets placed at the very top, with the Zombie Cupcakes below him all trying to climb up towards him. To show off all your lovely Zombie Cupcakes the best, you'll want to take a few off the front of stand to make open space. You can place them beneath the stand. If you made the blown up/destroyed zombie just place it beneath the stand as well and scatter the saved pieces of card stock paper and cupcake around him. Congratulations! Your set up is not complete. Enjoy!
And don't worry, eating the zombie cupcakes will not, if fact, turn you into a zombie...or will they! *cue scary music*

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I thought about having some peek out from the green frosting, especially like where the bite marks are. I'd love to see pictures if you do make em though! Sounds like a good addition! :D


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That does look pretty neat! I think I would frost them differently, to better imitate the look of a brain too. Although it really does look good the way it is now in the picture.
    Though you suddenly made me want to make up some gruesome more realistic Walking Dead inspired cupcakes...Hmmm!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great work, very cool, BUT...

    ... can we agree to not use 'adorable' and 'zombie' in the same sentence? It's reminiscent of my mom telling me my batman costume was cute on halloween (cute doesn't strike fear into the hearts of criminals, mom)

    Nonetheless, I'd eat plenty of 'em... especially since they're chocolate, yum!

    1 reply

    I can agree with you on that! It did feel unnatural using those words in the same sentence. So never again accept in the case of these! Because it just doesn't feel right not using it, since they aren't ugly rotting bloody corpses.