Arduino Finger (Remote Yourself)




Introduction: Arduino Finger (Remote Yourself)

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Arduino Finger


- 1x Servo (for 1 finger, I used 9g Micro servo)
- 1x 50k Potentiometer ( for finger 
- 1x Arduino Mega or Uno (i used Mega)
- 1x Sensor shield (optional)
- 3x Wire (Red, Yellow, Black)
- 1x Gripper (for not having a claw did it myself from junk)
- 1x Exofinger (
I don't know the meaning of it (:  )

I used that methods for this project

i hope you can build your exofinger .

Please mindful check photos and video.

if you want to use flex sensor you don't need potentiometer and exofinger finger. I used pot. cuz i want to make it cheaper.

Codes: (calibrated val map for my gripper and exofinger!!!!)

Servo myservo;
int potpin = 0;
int val;
void setup()
void loop()
val = analogRead(potpin); 

val = map(val, 20, 1000, 10, 180);



Take it easy :)
Sorry for bad language ..

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