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Don't you hate it when you are in the car and you drop food on your shirt or in your lap. My husband was always complaining about getting food on his clothes and I tried to get him to just use a towel for a bib. He did not like driving around with a bib on in the car. So I created an Adult Bib for the him to use that looks like a shirt. Actually it is one of his old shirts. Below are the instructions for creating an Adult Bib for the car or anywhere. You will need an old golf shirt and a towel or terry cloth material. I sewed the bib on my machine but you could just pin the two together if you do not sew.

Step 1: Choosing Your Shirt

You are going to start with an old golf shirt and a I am using a towel but you can use terry cloth fabric. You need something absorbent in case you spill something you do not want it to go through to your clothes. You could also use a dress shirt you just need to make sure you are using something that will easily fit over your head. A t-shirt does not work well because it is hard to put on in the car. I also like a nylon golf shirt because it does not ravel. If you choose something long sleeve you will need to cut the sleeves shorter. Measure the length of the shirt (from the shoulders to the bottom hem, your towel needs to be at least 6 inches longer. If the towel is longer than that you should cut off some of the top of the towel. If not, the food catcher at the bottom will be really big.

Step 2: Where to Cut the Shirt

Take the shirt and cut the seam out of the sleeve. See picture with arrow on seam to cut out. Do this on both sleeves. You now have a shirt with two sleeves that open. Turn the shirt over and cut across the back of the shirt in line the the seam on the sleeves. You will not remove any material just cut across the back of the shirt.

Step 3: Attaching the Terry Cloth

Now you are going to cut the towel to fit. Leave the shirt face down and lay the towel on top of the shirt. Cut the top two corners off so it lines up with the shoulders at the top of the shirt.

Step 4: Sewing It Together

If you are going to sew the shirt, turn the shirt face up and lay the towel on top of the shirt lining up the shoulders. Pin the sides and sew the shirt down both sides. This is so after you sew you are going to turn the towel around to the back so the seams do not show. After you turn the shirt you are going to sew the shoulders to the top of the towel on the seams underneath. After it is all sewn you can see that the towel is the back for the front of the shirt and the back of the shirt is only a small piece on the top. This will keep the bib on your shoulders and look like a shirt to cars passing by.

Step 5: Finishing the Neck

You should see now that the towel is attached to the shirt and you still have a small piece of the shirt as a back. You need to remove the top part of the towel for the neck. You should make a cut down the top and you can then cut both sides and remove the two pieces. It is not really going to show because when you are wearing the bib you button the shirt so food does not get on the shirt underneath.

Step 6: Creating the Food Catcher

Now all you have left is to create the food catcher for the bottom of the bib. Stretch the shirt out face up. The towel should be longer than the shirt. Fold the towel up to the sides of the shirt and sew along the sides. This will catch food that falls and rolls down the shirt.

Step 7: Finished Bib

Now you have a bib to wear that keeps your clothes clean and it looks just like a shirt. It fits over your head easily and no one can tell it is a bib. Remember when you throw it in the wash check the food catcher at the bottom for extra food.



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    Nothing worse than heading out for an "event" and spilling your quick snack while you are in the car. I am thinking that getting an XXXL golf shirt at the thrift store might work well since there would be plenty of room for whatever you happen to be wearing - even a suit or jacket. Cutting the back down is brilliant and what makes this practicable. Thanks!

    1 reply

    Thanks for the hint about the thrift store. It does help if the shirt is a little big so it will fit over your other clothes. I just bought a shirt at the thrift store to make one for a friend.


    4 years ago

    I eat in my car
    i need one too


    4 years ago

    I drive 2 hours a day