Adult-Sized Rocking Horse




Introduction: Adult-Sized Rocking Horse

This is a giant rocking horse I made on a commission.



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    I have been looking for a rocking horse for my son with Down Syndrome. He is 12, but pretty hefty. Lately has been putting a pillow (his saddle) over his Bullseye doll from Toy Story and trying to ride the horsey. :) Would you consider another commission?

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    I would in a heartbeat but I really don't have the means right now. Sorry! I hope you find an alternative.

    I would like to know if I can get detailed instructions for this horse. I need to know the sizes of the parts in order to build the horse in the correct proportions. I am new at this, but I really love this norse/

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    Hi don't have any plans from this - it was years ago. As I recall I found a woodworking project book and just scaled the plans up on a photocopier. Good luck!

    The main body of the horse looks like it would have to have been cut out of some kind of plywood but it looks too thick. Did you do it another way or did you put a couple layers together?

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    It's been a few years, but as I recall I just laminated together the thickest planks (spruce? not plywood) I could find at Home Depot, then carved away. The legs are one plank thick, the body two.

    Isn't the point of this site to share tips on how to build said projects? What was the point of you posting this?

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    Instructables features three ways to share projects - as a photo, as a step by step, and as a video - click the 'submit' tab at the top right for more information. The point of my posting this was to enter a competition on the site requesting photos of projects that you have built.

    I think I want one! There are days as an adult it would be so much fun to just get to be a kid again! Voted for you for the I made it! Good luck!

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