Adult ZOMBIE Party!

Introduction: Adult ZOMBIE Party!

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A couple years ago, I threw my husband a surprise zombie party.  I told him that I was just having him over for dinner on his birthday, but he didn't expect to have me open the door, covered in blood.  He still thought something was odd, and didn't get it until his HOARD of friends stumbled out of the hallway to EAT..I mean GREET him.  :)  This is a great one for a Halloween theme or just a zombie enthusiast birthday party!

We love the movie Fido, so I made a metal Fido Zombie Collar too, a matching set, actually - his and hers!  

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Step 1: Invites

You can make it a straight up zombie party and invite everyone, as a zombie, or make it a surprise party and do what I did.  I had a signal, I flipped the light switch on and they all came down my long hallway to surprise him.  It will be memorable if you can fool your birthday person!  The best way to do that is to acknowledge that you're going to see him or her for their bday, but disguise it as something else.  They will have a hint as to why you're having a random meeting around their bday...but if you disguise it - they don't expect the plans to change.

My invites were basically just details and random things posted onto a quick-free web page that I made in an hour.  I sent the link out to everyone and they remembered the date.  Now, if I were original plan was to buy fake body parts and inscribe the invites into the skin and stain them with blood, so the invite stood out and looked creepy.  (Like, on a fake/rubber hand).  Then I would package it like a gift and mail it out to the attendees.  Of course, it's a dream to be able to plan parties with that big of a budget!  :)

Photo ... Tiger Blood?  (Pre-Sheen) - years ago. lol.

Step 2: Decorations

Okay, this party was held at my house and I didn't have money to decorate and I didn't want to make it look like a kiddie party, so I just lightly decorated.  I bought things from Michaels on clearance after Halloween (80% off) and saved them, knowing that I was going to have a party for my husband in November.  You will see, I just did some random balloons and streamers because I didn't have money.

BUT....One thing that I am proud of - I used the plastic wrappers and trash from the party stuff to MAKE decorations.  I took red acrylic paint and stamped my hand on the clean cellophane, then smeared it down, like blood hand dragging on glass or something.  Then I took those and taped them to the walls and it kinda looked like bloody hands on the walls.  SUPER cheap and really easy to do.  With trash.  Haha.

I also made him a Salad Fingers stuffed animal with a metal spoon.  I taped it onto the sliding glass door, along with some favorite zombie quotes to keep the theme.  Although he didn't notice too much, he was pumped with Jagermeister.  lol

Step 3: Cake

Haha.  I forgot the eggs.  Don't do that.  Your cake will look really sad, like mine.  It was the 1st time I've really made a cake and I wondered why it didn't look right.  Anyways!  This cake is supposed to be a graveyard, with my Michaels tombstones that were around five cents each after halloween.  The little pegs with words were from a cake store, and so was my half-doll.  I painted her like a zombie.  The plastic signs say "BBL!"  (haha, zombies.)  and the other, "LOL".

And I called it his Zday instead of Bday.

Surprisingly, they still ate the cake but it was soft and crumbly.  I only made this mistake once, I promise!

Step 4: Foods

To make it cheap and easy...and still feed the guests, I made little pizzas with faces.  I just got English muffins and cut them in half, put tomato paste on there, cheese and pepperoni in shapes to amuse them.  

I also put candy in bowls that was from Halloween clearance, the body parts candy.  Shaped like ears, fingers, etc.  They were perfect for the theme!

My FAVORITE thing that I did, were these eyeballs!  I saw the idea here, on instructables, but I made them a lil more realistic because I wanted to be closer to "scary" for the zombie theme.  I just put the donut holes on forks, did the whole chocolate thing, but then I sprinkled red sugar to make the eyes "bloodshot" and used the standard 4 color set of "cookie icing" tubes from the cake section at the grocery store.  I was SOOO glad to see that they hardened, and looked perfect.  I loved them.  :)  

Step 5: Games?

You don't really need games, but it's fun and funny, even if you play just one.  I love unicorns so I bought this game and we played it for fun.  Pin the horn on the Unicorn!  So adorable.

But really, we just had music, alcohol, talking, mingling, etc.  :)

Step 6: RECAP

The zombie party was great, not everyone dressed in theme, which is expected.  But they all had fun, they all really liked the idea and were impressed with the way that it all came together.  Plus, how often can one say that they had a zombie party?  Not very often, so this is your chance!  At this point, my husband (boyfriend at the time), was telling me that it was the best he'd ever had.  But that was until I threw him the Star Wars party last year.  So, the lesson is -- he or she will love this party, no matter what.  As long as they like brains.

Thanks for checking out my instructable and I hope you had fun in the meantime!!! <3

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    2 Discussions

    Cheaper invite idea than the awesome and inscribed body parts (that is such a fun idea), you could send gummy body part candies with your party details on a card. If you want to go a little further you can print cards with a zombie cartoon/picture on the front and cut a space for the gummy body part to fit in their mouth, hand, etc.

    Anyhow, love the idea. :)