Advanced Multi-Tool Clock in Batch

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This is a little project i have been working on for quite some time (because i don't have much of it). I combined some finished batch programs that weren't made by me. I want to give a big credit to the guys that made the alarm clock, timer, and the clock. Also i want to thank the guy who made the instructable showing how to give the alarm a sound. Now, i am not gonna say the names of those guys, they know who they are (i forgot their names anyways XD), and they made instructables on those so practically everyone knows them.

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Step 1: Review

Before downloading, take a VERY good look at the screenshots of the smart clock in use. Cuz you wanna know what you're getting for your money, right? (lol i'm so funny... not)

Step 2: Download

Just download it and run it! (And have fun of course!)

Advanced Clock.bat

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