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This instructable will show you how to easily transform your hardback copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince into the half-blood prince's copy of Advanced Potion-Making - complete with a couple of torn pages containing his original notes.

Things You'll Need:

  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Hardback Copy of The Half-Blood Prince (as pictured)
  • Printer with Paper
  • X-Acto Knife, Ruler, and Cutting Mat (optional)
  • My Downloadable Templates (available below)

Once you have all the supplies together, let's get started...

You'll also need to download my free templates available below. I am not referring to the instructables PDF (which requires a paid subscription). You want to download the .zip file.

Step 1: Print & Cut Out Cover Templates

Print the files cover_a.jpg, cover_b.jpg, and cover_c.jpg on separate sheets of paper.

All of the templates included are designed to be printed borderless. If your printer doesn't support borderless printing, you can still follow these directions - but for best results use a printer with borderless printing. If you're having trouble finding this option, it should be somewhere in Preferences when you choose to print.

Cut the white space off of the templates.

You can use scissors to do this, but I highly recommend using an X-Acto knife, ruler, and cutting mat to get straight edges.

Step 2: Glue Overlapping Parts Together

Glue the three parts of the cover together where they overlap.

Make sure to line up the pages correctly where they overlap.

Cut off the inner overlapping pieces.

Flip the cover over so that the white side is face up. Find the excess overlapping parts where you glued them together and cut them off. Once this is finished you should have one long dust sleeve-like cover that will fit over your copy the The Half-Blood Prince.

Step 3: Fold the Sleeve Around the Book

Fold the dust sleeve you just created around your book.

Remember, this will only fit on a hardback copy of The Half-Blood Prince (or a book of equal size). Line the book spine up with the spine of the sleeve first and fold it around the book from there. Be sure to fold in the excess space after the front and back of the book (see images).

Step 4: Create the Torn Out Pages

Print out page_1a.jpg, page_1b.jpg, page_2a.jpg, and page_2b.jpg - all double-sided.

To print these pages double sided, you will simply need to print one side (e.g. page_1a), flip it over, put it back in the printer, and print the second side (page_1b). Page 1a and 1b should be on the same piece of paper, and page 2a and 2b should be on another piece of paper.

Trim the white space from around the pages and tear one side.

Again, you can use scissors for this but I highly recommend an X-Acto knife, ruler, and cutting mat. Once you have trimmed the white space off, tear down the length of the left side of each page. This will give the impression that the page has been ripped from the book.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Congratulations! You're done!

Pat yourself on the back and share your work in the comments!

Thanks! And remember to recycle your paper scraps.



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8 Discussions


1 year ago

where can i found the free pdf ?


2 years ago

Really good 'ibble. Although I am not a fan of Potter (in any sense, of the word LOL), but another little detail you could have added is a little gold leaf on the spine (or all over if you prefair). It's quite easy to apply, but really does add a touch of class ;^>

1 reply
Muggle MagicMex5150

Reply 2 years ago

Thanks! And nice tip!

I wanted this
to be pretty simple for anyone to make, without needing to buy anything
they probably don't already have. But I agree, gold leaf would look
pretty cool.


2 years ago

This would look amazing on my bookshelf :) I wonder what other books I can make with this, I'd definitely go for crazy titles with a vintage look that would give a different feel to my bookshelf. it's on my to do list


2 years ago