Adventure Time Fan Test

Intro: Adventure Time Fan Test

This is a test for Adventure Time fans of all ages. you can do this in your head or in the comments. Here we go.

Step 1: The Test.

1. Do you have over 100 dollars’ worth of Adventure Time merchandise?

2.Do you have like a million paper foldables?

3. Do you Have a sword on your wall to slay the first monster
that shows up on your door step?

4. Do you have a shelf that looks like it just came out of
the show?

5. Have you been known to putt Adventure Time pictures in

6. Have you colored in an adventure time map that you
printed off the internet?

7. Did you ever accidentally call someone Finn or Jake?

8. If you had on a watch and someone asked you what time it
was would you say ADVENTURE TIME!!?

9. If you had enuf money to do anything you wanted would you
open an Adventure Time theme park?

10. When you are watching the episode Burning Low do you cry?

11. Do you want to live in Finn and Jake's tree house?

12. Do you have all your favorite Adventure Time games on
your favorites bar?

13. Is one of your favorite online games Adventure Time
Battle Party?

14.Do you have at least one Adventure Time video game?

15. After you watch the newest Adventure Time episodes do
you wonder, what am I going to do with my life now?

16. Have you ever done an Adventure Time cause play?

Step 2: The Results.

If 4 or less are true, then you are a constant watcher.

If 8 or less are true, then you are an Adventure Time know
it all.

If 12 or less are true, then you are an Adventure Time Addict.

If 16 or less are true, then you are an Adventure Time Super

Step 3: Thanks

Thanks for taking the Adventure Time Test. Drop a comment on
the way out or leave the results of your test.



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    4 Discussions

    Jake dogwold630

    Reply 2 years ago

    No one is to old........... TO BE A SUPER FAN!!!