Adventure Time - How to Draw Jake the Dog

Introduction: Adventure Time - How to Draw Jake the Dog

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For this instructable I decided to base it around something that I love and that is drawing. I've been drawing for around 1 year now, even though sometimes I get stressed out with it I always find it therapeutic. I was sitting in my room and decided to come up with a simple drawing instructable for the people who love Adventure Time. I tried to put it as simply as possible so its easier.

I'm sorry if I don't explain this very well as it is difficult to explain to people how to draw something no matter how simple.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You don't exactly need much for this project.

- A pencil

- A rubber

- A fine liner

- A sketchbook

Step 2: The Body

For the body you need to draw a rounded rectangle, kind of like how a minion looks. Make sure to leave enough room so you can draw the eye without going off of the page. It is important to draw lightly as if you feel that the shape you have drawn isn't quite right it will be easier to erase the drawing if the pencil is light, also it won't ruin the paper.

Step 3: The First Eye

So for the first eye you will need to draw a circle that goes off of the body just like the picture above. Now because this is a cartoon nothing needs to be perfect. Once I felt as the eye looked the way I wanted to I erased the line that went through the eye.

Step 4: The Nose

Jake's nose kind of looks like and upside down "U" that's in bubble writing. The nose covers a small bit of both eyes (the next step explains what to do on the second eye) Once you have drawn something similar to the picture above you can then move on to the second eye.

Step 5: The Second Eye and Detail

So as you can see from the picture the second eye is a different shape to the first eye, It has more of an egg shape to it. The nose also overlaps the second eye. Once you are happy with how the eye looks then you'll need to add a smaller line on the inside the eye that creates a 3D effect.

Step 6: The Mouth

For the mouth you'll need to create a U shape between the skin of his nose. Also create a smaller U under the nose to create an open mouth effect, this will help you draw the tongue just above the lower U.

Step 7: The Arms

I struggle to draw hands so I thought why not make them disappear. I drew long wiggly arms that go off of the page to avoid drawing the hands. When drawing the arms it is important to make them thin and also move in the same way. I drew the arms in line with the skin of the nose.

Step 8: The Tail and Legs

For the tail I drew a sort of tick shape because jake has a small tail. For the legs you'll need to draw them thin just like the arms. The feet are extremely easy to draw, I made them round and plump just like the actual cartoon instead of drawing toes or detail.

Step 9: Colour

This is the final step for this project. All you need to do is go over the out line with a thin fine liner, I also used this to colour the detail in. This step is only tricky because you need to have a steady hand as fine liners can show wobbly lines if your'e not steady handed.

Step 10: Final Step

And there you go hopefully you have drawn Jake the dog!! I'm really sorry if the steps were not well explained as it is difficult to explain steps for a drawing. I draw fro the way something looks usually and not the way it was built. If you would like to see more art steps then please make sure to like and vote, also share this with friends and maybe even follow me.

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