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Introduction: Adventure Time: Ice King's Crown Cosplay Headpiece

About: Love to come up with new things to make! Especially out of cardboard and paper!

WARNING: This project is not for the feint hearted, only people with perseverance and patience will be able to finish this! If you are under 11 years old please have an adult help you.

The Ice King / Simon Petrikov has always been one of my favorite characters in Adventure Time! So watching it one night, they had an episode where Betty stole his crown as well as Gunter his penguin... So I thought, "His crown would be a cool project to work on~" And it was! It was really quick and fun to make! So I thought it would be a cool first project to publish on this site... Let's Get Started!

Step 1: Initial Supplies List

There are some supplies you're going to need. So to start you're going to need a big cardboard sheet, at least 26 inches wide and 12 inches tall. And a small sheet about 6 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The supplies you're going to need are 1 can of gold spray paint (metallic gold if possible), 1 tube of 527 Beacon glue, 1 pair of scissors, 1 box cutter or X-Acto Knife, 1 long ruler or yardstick, 1 small bottle of purple acrylic paint, and the following colors, red, grey, and white. That's pretty much it for the materials needed...

Step 2: Initial Crown Cut

The diagrams on this step are not accurate to measurements, they're there to help comprehend the following steps. Now take your large cardboard sheet, and line up the yardstick lengthwise on the bottom of the sheet. Make sure It's straight on the cardboard. Refer to the first diagram above or below to help understand the step. Now make a 25 inch line with your pencil. Now again with your pencil, we're going to make some markings. Make pencil marks at 2 1/2 inches, 7 1/2 inches, 9 1/2 inches, 12 1/2 inches, 15 1/2 inches, 17 1/2 inches, and 22 1/2 inches. Now take your yardstick, using it as a straightedge, line it up vertically at the 2 1/2 inch mark. Make a 7 inch long line along the yardstick, and repeat at the 7 1/2 inch mark, the 15 1/2 inch mark, and the 22 1/2 inch mark. Now at the 12 1/2 inch mark, make a vertical line with your pencil about 11 inches long. Now on each end of the 25 inch long line, make an exactly 3 inch vertical line. We've just finished marking the points on the crown! Now using your pencil and yardstick, follow the second diagram to connect the marks and lines. Now take your box cutter or X-Acto Knife and yardstick, use the yardstick as a straightedge and cut along the yardstick along the outside lines of the crown design. DO NOT CUT INTO THE CROWN! Now push out the crown once you've finished cutting it out! Using a simple pair of scissors, cut out two small strips of cardboard, two inches long and one inch tall. Put some glue on one side of the strips, and place them on one side of the crown. Place them on one side of the crown, on the three inch tall edge. Let the glue harden, these will be very important later. Now the crown part is done! Next we're going to cut out the gems!

Step 3: Cutting Out the Gems

The diagrams on this step are not accurate to measurements, they're there to help comprehend the following steps. Now we're going to cut out the gems! Refer to the diagrams above or below for reference. Now get your small sheet of cardboard, grab your pencil and yardstick once again. We'll make the big gem first, take your yardstick and draw a vertical line that's three inches tall. Now measure from the top of the line at two centimeters and make a mark, do the same thing from the bottom of the line. Now make a horizontal line at the top mark, the line will be 1 1/4 inches wide. The mark will be at 3/4 of an inch, now draw the 1 1/4 inch long line. Repeat for the bottom mark, now at the top of the line connect the top of the line to the right edge of the line below. Repeat for the left side, and repeat for the bottom of the line. Now using they yardstick as a straightedge again, connect the edges of the top and bottom lines with your pencil. Now we've got the general gem shape! Now we'll make the smaller gems! Refer to the diagrams above. Now take the yardstick and draw a box, it's going to be 1 inch wide and 1 inch tall, using the yardstick as a straightedge.Now connect the corners of the box, drawing along the yardstick. It will be like a big X. Refer to the final diagram. Now along those lines, make a mark on either side 1 centimeter from all four corners. Make another box by connecting all four marks with the pencil. Now repeat the steps to make a smaller gem again to make the second one! Now line up the yardstick on the outside edges and cut them out using the box cutter. Push them out of the cardboard. Now the gems are done, now we can get to painting!

Step 4: Gold Spray Painting

Now we get to spray paint the crown! Because it's flat this will make spray painting easier. Take it outside, don't spray paint while in an enclosed area. Take it somewhere where you can paint it without getting it on anything important. Take a big plastic sheet or something you can spray paint over. Lay the flat crown on the cover, and start lightly covering the crown in paint. Let it dry for a while, and spray a few layers of paint over it. Make sure you cover the pencil lines with the gold paint. After this side has dried completely, flip it onto the other side, spraying the back side as well. Once it's dried, try to get the edges of the cardboard with the paint as well. Now the crown is done painting! Next we'll paint the gems!

Step 5: Painting the Gems!

This part is a little complicated, but I'll help you through it! :) Firstly, take the bottles of paint and open them up. Take the red and pour a little into a Styrofoam bowl or plate. Make sure you have a good sized paint brush, and a small one. Put a in little bit of black mixing it together to make dark red. Paint a nice coat of dark red on all three of the gems, covering it nicely. Let the paint dry for a while, touching up some missing spots. Then get around the edges of the gems with the paint, letting it dry. Take some masking tape and cut some small strips, following the first two pictures of the diagram. Pour a little bright red onto the plate, and follow the first picture in this step. The masking tape will act as painters tape, preventing unwanted paint from leaking through to the other edges. Paint the exposed left inside edge of the gem bright red, once it's dried. Next mix a little white with the red, making pink. Follow the second diagram picture to align the tape. Align the tape to the top left corner, following the picture. Then lightly coat the inside exposed area with the pink paint. Once it's dried, gently peel off the tape to reveal a nice clean edge. Align the tape on the right side (refer to the first pic of the step), like we did for the left side of the gem. Mix in a little grey with the dark red paint, this will create an illusion of shading. Once the tape is in place, gently coat the exposed inside area with the grey-red paint. Once dry, gently peel off the tape. Once again, align some tape onto the lower right side of the gem. Mix a little purple in with the dark red paint, again creating an illusion of shading. Once the tape is in place, gently coat the purple-dark red paint on the inside exposed area. Once all this painting is done, there should be an empty dark red area in the middle.Use your small paint brush and gently cover the empty dark red area with bright red. Once that's done the first gem is done! Refer to the fourth diagram picture for tape alignment. With the square gem, the upper left corner should be pink, the upper right should be empty dark red, the lower right should be dark red-purple, and the lower left should be empty dark red. There should be an empty dark red area in the middle, using the small paintbrush, fill in the area with bright red. Once this is done, all the gems are finished! Next we'll shape the crown!

Step 6: Shaping the Crown

Now take your yardstick and the flat crown, first diagram picture as a guide. Line up the edge of the yardstick with the red lines on the crown, and bend the crown. Follow the second picture diagram for reference. Bend the crown on all of the spots marked by red lines on the first diagram. This will give it a round shape. After all the points have been bent, put some glue on the tabs we've made on the outside. Refer to the third diagram picture. Bend the crown into place, with the tabs going inside the crown. Feel free to bend the tabs to get them flush against the crown. Take two clothespins and pinch the tabs to the crown, this will hold the crown together while it glues. Refer to the last picture in this step. Once the glue has finished hardening, take off the clothespins. There should be a big seam on the back of the crown, fill the seam in slightly with glue, and let it harden. Once it's hardened, feel free to bend the crown slightly to get the perfect round shape you want. Now the crown part is done! All that's left is the gems and gluing! We're almost done!

Step 7: The Gems

Now that the crown is painted and glued, we can glue the gems! Refer to the first picture diagram. Take a stiff ruler, place it on the back of the gems vertically with the pink shading part in the upper left corner. Place the edge of the ruler in the exact middle of the backside of the gem, and slightly bend it. This will make sure the gem glues on the crown perfectly. Now with the square gems, make sure the pink part is in the upper left corner. Coat the backside in a good amount of glue. Refer to the second picture diagram. Place the first square one on the left point of the crown, with 1 1/2 inches of space between the bottom point of the gem and the bottom of the crown. Repeat with the second gem on the right side of the crown. Now for the final big gem! Refer to the final picture diagram. Coat a good amount of glue to the backside of the gem, place it in the exact middle of the front of the crown, leaving 2 centimeters of space between the bottom point of the gem and the bottom of the crown. Let the glue harden for a good hour before handling the crown. This will ensure the gems have a good tight seal on the surface of the crown. Now it's done! Congratulations! You've just finished it! You should be proud of yourself!

Step 8: Congrats!

You've just finished the project! You should be proud! I've had a lot of fun making this and I hope you have too! Feel free to comment or review this project below! There are more projects to come!

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2 years ago

That came out really well! Good work :)