Adventures in Auto Air-Conditioning. or Retrofit a NA Miata and Recharge It.

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    3 years ago

    Auto shops use the liquid oil like you did, but I have seen them use a special syringe that connects to the service port while the system is under vacuum, which sucks the oil into the system. I personally like to get the oil that is mixed into a pressurized can with a small amount of Freon (im assuming, as oil isn't a gas at room temperature lol). I cant give you any real reason other than it is just more satisfying and reassuring to add it through the manifold lol. My question for you though is do you know anything about synthetic lubricants? Can they be used in old R-12 systems like ours? (I have an 85 f150, that I swapped a newer style compressor and evaporator into) thanks in advance for your knowledge.