Aerodynamic FPV Case

About: Mechanical Engineering student from Saint Etienne, France.

Hello and welcome to this instructable about my Aerodynamic FPV case for RC planes, drones and more!

I will be explaining to you how I had the idea of this type of case, how I designed it and how I 3D printed it with my UP! Mini!


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Step 1: The Idea and the Design.

I wanted an aerodynamic case for my Fatshark FPV set and searched for one but I couldn't find one that suited me so I decided to make my own!

As a mechanical engineering student, I was able to use Catia V5 and V6 at my school to design this little project.

I started by measuring all the sizes of the camera and the video sending module, I wanted the finished object to have these all in one so it could be easely removed from the aicraft or drone.

As the title says, I wanted it to be as aerodynamical as possible so I shaped the 3D model that way.

Step 2: Printing!

This image shows how I organised the plate of my UP! Mini so all the objects could fit at once!

The parts were printed at a 0.2mm resolution, at the printer's max speed, and with support material for everything over 45 degrees, so it took 2 hours and 56 minutes to print.

Step 3: Test Fitting of the Parts.

Here you can see all the parts fitted perfectly, the only post processing used was support removal and a bit of sanding of the assembled product to make it more aerodynamic!

The next step was to see if the components of the FPV set fitted.

Step 4: Finished Product!

Et voilà, as the french would say, everything fits nicely together!

The only thing to do next is to make it fly!

Thanks for reading this instructable, I hope it inspired you!

You can find all the parts and even a 2nd version of this project here:

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I love it! The only question I have is with regards to the "vents" on the side: Is there a vent at the back where the air can exit, because if not, you have just created a drag pocket behind your camera, pretty much defeating the purpose of the aerodynamic shell.

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, I saw the grill in the 3D model after I posted the comment. Ooh, the V2 looks REALLY good! I love them both!


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you seamster! I am amazed to see I have already so many views, I hope it will be useful for many people! :)