Aeropress Coffee (inverted Method)



Introduction: Aeropress Coffee (inverted Method)

Goal; Make some strong, Delicious coffee

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

1. Aeropress Coffee maker (comes with; filters, scoop, filter basket)

2. Great coffee beans (sub in pre ground if you are not quite a coffee snob)

3. Coffee grinder (Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Grinder shown)

4. Fancy coffee mug

Step 2: Grind Coffee, Dump In

I use one scoop, it is about 10g

grind it up

dump it in the Aeropress

Step 3: Pour in Hot Water

Water temperature is a personal preference

I boil my water (about enough for a coffee), and let it sit while I grind beans (about 1min)

Pour in about half way.

Stir about 10-15sec

pour in all the way to the top stirring as you go (I usually rinse my scoop handle as I pour the last bit)

Step 4: Filter Time

Take one filter, Place in basket, line up tabs and Carefully place on Aeropress(do not push down, it will make a mess if you do)

turn filter basket to lock in place (without pushing down)

Step 5: Flip and Push

Now, in one motion place mug on Aeropress and flip the whole thing over and place on counter (mug bottom down)

slowly push down on the "plunger" until it bottoms out

Step 6: Clean Up

pick up the Aeropress, put it over top of your disposal place of choice (great for compost)

unlock the filter basket

pull filter basket off

push plunger the rest of the way

coffee grinds and filter should exit Aeropress in a little puck

Step 7: Clean Up

simply rinse the rubber end of the plunger (you can wash with soapy water if you like)

also rinse the filter basket

Easy eh?

Step 8: ENJOY

Now technically this is Espresso.

you can make american coffee by watering it down (with hot water)

you could also ruin it by adding dairy and sugar, the choice is yours

hope you liked this and try it out

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