Aetherias Secret - a Steampunk Safe With Nixie Display




About: Hi, i am a Steampunk Artist from Germany. You have Questions? Write me, check out my Homepage or meet me at Facebook.I look forward to your entries :)

" Aetherias Secret " - A Steampunk Safe, Code locked, with Neonballs and Nixie Display. It opens when the Code is right and turns around. With Handclapping Sensor to start the Energy !

My Thoughts were : A crate open by pushing a Button..........which thereby came out see it now.

Step 1: OK, Creating the Crate

For the Crate i used Poplar Wood. It is easy from the weight and to work on. The complete Crate has later a weight of 8 kg. Alone already 5kg Brass. The Material list..omg, do they want to really know those?

On these Pics i arranged some Pieces of Brass but later i used other ones.

Step 2: Creating the Codesign

I used an old Bellsign of Brass. Arrange the Numbers an drill Holes for the Holder in which the Numbers are sitting.Then cut a Board in Form of the Bellsign and solder a Matrix. 10 Microswitches, from 0-9. Now the Codesign is nearly finished.

Step 3: Build the Switch Riddle, the Hidden Drawer and the Pivot for the Crate

The Switch Riddle is a Component of the Secret. If you have find the hidden Drawer, there are inside some Instructions to open the Crate. First you must clap your Hands to put the Main Energy on. Then, you must put a Switch outside the Crate and the Crate will turn 180 °. Now you see the Switch Riddle on the Back.

11 Switches, in lines up switched. One goes up, annother goes down. Also left and right. Now you must find the correct position of all switches to turn the Energy for the Nixie on. If done, turn the Switch and the Crate rotate to Front side. See later all in the Movie !!

Step 4: Install the Electronic Components

Start and Stop Switches. Nixie Components, Powerpacks. It is to be able to describe really too much clearly here around everything.Pls forgive me....

Solder the Handclap Sensor, the Nixie Tubes......Meter´s of cables i used.

Step 5: Housing Design

I used 5 kg of Brass for this Object. Many Brass ornaments and Gears. The Gears are rotating if the Crate is opening, driven with Micromotors. Many Holders from Lamps for the Nixietubes an the Neonballs are used. A Friend from Germany make the Neonballs.

Step 6: Finishing

Please they understand that I not all details specified here that many sides would fill. It should be only a Demonstration. I hope you like this Object. Any Questions? Write me ;)

Best Regards

Leander Lavendel

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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Geniously done. What a mind you have sir. I commend you on creating such an interesting steam punk styled machine. I love steam punk.

    You should make a Chinese puzzle box in the steam punk style as well. If you were to do it I would most definitely copy and make it. All the best.

    I can't find the video on step six? I am really intrigued by this and want to make one of my own, however I am far less experienced and am so confused by your walkthrough. Please show more:)


    4 years ago on Step 6

    That's just amazing !!! Congratulations marvellous work... A state of art object...!


    4 years ago

    Could you post a video of the item working from start to finish? I think it looks so incredibly cool!!!

    1 reply

    Hi , thx for your Answer but i understand it. On Step 6 is a full Video. from Start to End. Only in German Language...sry, but there you can see how it works. ;)