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Sharing our very own version of DIY Playpen for our son that is worth 1,000 Pesos Only! Yes, 1,000 pesos only. That is around 20 dollars only. Me and my husband decided to research an alternative material and budget wise playpen and thinks that a PVC Pipe is a good thing to try . Here's the step by step procedure from scratch to finish on how to do it yourself. I also included my prepared cutting list using Autodesk Autocad to maximize the use of materials and avoid unnecessary excess. All you have to do is to follow the given instructions including the Cutting List( This is very important to avoid wastage of materials).

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Step 1: Materials Preparation

-5pcs. 3/4 inch Diameter PVC Pipe (blue)

-8pcs 3/4 diameter PVC Elbow

-12pcs 3/4 diameter PVC TEE

-100 pcs cable tie

-2pcs kulambo ( Mosquito net )-Single size

-Rubber Mat (30cm x 30cm size )

-Neltex PVC Cement

-Tissue or brush (for PVC cement application)

-Lagareng bakal( Metal Saw ) -for cutting of PVC pipe


-Cutting List

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting of PVC Pipe

Measure & cut the PVC pipe as indicated in the cutting list.
You will be using 8pcs 0.80mtr length for the longer side of the pen, 4pcs 1.10mtr for the shorter side, 0.60mtr for the post and 16pcs 0.05mtr (50mm) pipe for connection of pipe to elbow and tee.

Step 3: Accessories Preparation

Prepare the elbow and tee. Clean the pvc pipe and connect using elbow and tee and test for stability before applying the pvc cement.

Step 4: Connect the Parts

Connect the pvc pipe and accessories correctly and follow the correct orientation of elbow and tee. (see photos)
Apply the pvc cement (see label for instructions on how to apply) and connect the parts and pipe. Let it dry for 2 hours..

Step 5: Mosquito Net Preparation for the Fence

Cut the Kulambo ( Mosquito net ) and cover the entire perimeter of the fence using cable tie for the net to be fix into the pvc pipe..I fold the net into two to make it two ply.

Step 6: Assemble the Base & Enjoy

Assemble your rubber Mat for the base.
Lastly, put the toys and balls. Voila! Enjoy!

Hope you Like it!

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    5 days ago

    Thanks! We made this as a Sunday project and it came out great. We added a stretchable cloth used to make sporty t-shirts. Our daughter loves it!


    1 year ago

    That's a nice setup, it looks like it works pretty well :)

    1 reply