Affordable Multipurpose Prosthetic for People Without Fingers

Introduction: Affordable Multipurpose Prosthetic for People Without Fingers

About: I am a mechanical engineering student who is trying to stand on shoulders of giant to understand the world in a better way.

This multipurpose hand prosthetic is designed for people without fingers so that they could perform some basic activities. While there are plenty of such projects online, they are mostly either too simple or are too expensive and too complex for cheap mass production. As an Indian, I have designed this especially for people living in poor countries where this prosthetic can be distributed very cost effectively by health agencies.

The arm clamp is detachable so that you can make your custom clamp according to your comfort and needs.

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Note: The model I printed came out quite bad because of my broken printer. I have made quite a lot of design changes. However, I haven't had the time to test those changes. So it would be amazing if anyone could print this and give me some feedback in the comments.

With this, people without fingers should be able to:

  • Use Pens and Pencils
  • Use Cutlery
  • Use Toothbrush
    Added features:
  • Hold cups
  • Hold bags
  • Use touchscreens
  • Use 4mm Hex tool bits and interchangeable screwdriver sets

I got the insipiration after stumbling different assistive devices on Instructables and Thinigiverse . These are:
Adapted Pen/Marker Holder by shadowwynd

Assistive simple shopping bag carrier super cheap almost free. by Nelson_Yepez

Custom Assistive Spoon by frenzy

Support customizable utensils (Thingiverse)

Assistive Bag Holder (Thingiverse)

Hook (Thingiverse)

Things needed:

  1. A FDM 3D printer
  2. 3D printing Filament of your choice. Preferably PLA and ABS.
  3. 3D print of files given below
  4. 2x 8 mm nuts and bolts.
  5. Padding of your own choice for the clamp.

I am also uploading a version without the cup holder.

I am also uploading the CATIA, STEP and IGES file for those who want to customize this for themselves. You can use softwares like Audodesk Fusion, Solidworks or any other CAD package to edit them.

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Step 1: Printing the Parts

Software used: Repetier

Slicer: Slic3r

Infill: At least 20 percent

Make sure auto support generation is on.

I used PLA to print this. You can choose any material. Although, make sure that it is not too hard and brittle.

Step 2: Assembling the Prosthetic

You can stick the nut at the bottom using glue.

I used a M5 machine screw and I found it quite uncomfortable to use.Alternatively, you can print M8 Allen or hex nuts and bolts from following source:

Nuts and Bolts v1.95 OpenSCAD library (Thingiverse)

Step 3: Making the Touchscreen Stylus

There are many different ways to make the stylus. Due to time constraint and my printer malfunctioning, I haven't been able to make this. However, I am putting some other Instructables to make one.

Easy, Inexpensive AND Accessible Stylus by alice_in_wonderland

stylus by alex888

wikiHow to Make a Stylus

I will describe here the simplest way and my favorite way to do it:
1) Take a small piece of aluminum foil.

2) Attach it with a piece of wire.

3) Wrap this around the stylus tip and stick it with tape.

4) Extend the wire to the clamps.

5) Add a small piece of metal to the other end of the wire.

6) Whenever you want to use, attach this metal piece to your body and the stylus will start working

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