Affordable Pro Audio Gear for Creative Folks.



Introduction: Affordable Pro Audio Gear for Creative Folks.

Hello, I'm Jesus Ortiz (I was born on 03-21-1981) and I'm an audio guy.  I'm a musician, I work in pro audio, an am avid audiophile. Audio and electronics are my passion.  I feel that gear for people with good ideas shouldn't break the bank.  These should be tools that should make the developing of an idea easier and should help to yield better results.  Good tools don't have to cost an arm and a leg to be effective.

I've worked in major studios and have heard that sorta gear that folks lust over and mortgage a home for.  The unfortunate truth is that too often the legend is better than the reality.  I feel that logical and thoughtful design is the bridge between that high quality sound, and an affordably priced tool.

Also, in the "old days" of audio recording or broadcasting, often times if you owned a studio, it was because you built it.  You hand wired everything, calibrated, and a lot of the equipment was built by you.  Modern mass manufacturing did away with a lot of that and studio owners focused on recording.  Eventually manufacturing takes a turn and focuses on profits and products become only as good as their advertising.  Studio folks end up at the mercy of manufacturing.  Fortunately, manufacturing has also made good quality parts much cheaper and easier to obtain.  That being said, it's a great time for those of us who are DIY people.  One can easily obtain all the parts needed for a single project from a single supplier and save hundreds of dollars making tools themselves and the internet is full of great ideas and information that could fill in any blanks one might need to fill.  That's why I'd also like to serve as a source for DIY information and tools.  I would like to start with many of my own tools.  They've helped me a great deal and I have no doubt that they'd help others.

To start, I'd like to release a preamp.  I feel that this is logical because much of the signal path design in a preamp  will be similar for many future designs.  A preamp is a good way for a company to show what kind of sound they're going for.  The design isn't a copy of any particular design, but instead a practice in simple but effective design.  It's a design that not only pleases the ears, but looks impressive on a spec sheet.  Most of the prototyping is done, but the cost of putting it into production is where I hit a wall.  I'm currently also working on designs for a few other products to keep the ball rolling.

My career as a technician has taken me to the point where I feel I can be more effective by going independent.  There are many things that I feel could be and should be different in the industry and although I can't claim to be able to change everything, I'd still love the chance to try.  The power should be in the hands of the artist or talent.  The creative folks.  In the end, we should make tools that facilitates the art, the same way a good hammer helps a carpenter.

Thanks for checking out my submission and keep on creating.


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