Affordable Way to Sound Deaden a Vehicle

Introduction: Affordable Way to Sound Deaden a Vehicle

Affordable way to sound deaden your vehicle yourself. You can buy the materials and install. Heres a few easy instructions.

I made this at TechShop


-Tape Measure

-Box Cutter


-GTMAT Automotive Sound Deadener

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Step 1: Buy Material GTMAT Automotive Sound Deadener

GTMATAutomotive Sound Deadener, it's cheaper than dyno-mat works just the same.


Make sure your measurements are correct, and have the enough material to cover whole vehicle.

Step 2: Cut Matrial Into Smaller Pieces.

By cutting into smaller pieces it allows to fit in corners and edges easier.

Using a box cutter, then placing cardboard underneath to cut smoother.

Step 3: Multiple Layers Near Loudest Areas, Speakers/ Amp/ Woofers

Place multiple layers on top of each other near speakers, amps, woofers, engine, where ever alot of the sound is coming from

Step 4: Cut Bigger Pieces for Large Areas

By cutting bigger pieces for larger areas covering the space is more efficient.

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    5 years ago

    Ded E ner? Or sound damper