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Introduction: Afghan - Finished!

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After having given away 22 out of my 23 previously knitted Afghans, I decided to knit another one from my stash of yarns. I am using No 10 bamboo circular needles in the longest size I could find. I'm knitting my favourite pattern, which is called American Beauty Rose and can be found in a book called The Ultimate Book of Knit Afghans. This particular pattern is great for a beginner as the finished product looks awsome (and much more difficult then it is) The pattern is very simple once you have mastered the two line pattern. The wrong side row is just purl, apart from the 5 stitches each end which are always garter stitch to prevent the afghan from curling up.

The yarns I have chosen are all from my current stash and look exactly like Lion Brand Homespun in various shades. However, I bought this yarn at a store called A.C. Moore in what was called packs of "Mill Ends". Sometimes there would be three or four skeins in the same shade and sometimes there would be three or four different colours. I got a really great deal on several packages of what looks like Homespun Fuschia! These were a really good deal, especially when I had one of their coupons too! If they are not Lion Brand Homespun, they are dead ringers for it. They don't have any labels, and when I looked on the Lion Brand Web site, I couldn't find some of the shades I bought. I suspect some of the colours may have been discontinued and that's why they have been sold this way. As many of the colours are the same, I suspect they are odd amounts and weights at a "mill end", which can't be sold as a regular standard skein! Maybe someone from Lion Brand can answer this question?!

Anyway I started this particular Afghan on February 6th and the first picture is how far I have got in two days. I am trying to get it done in 6 evenings, so will post more progress as I go along. The colours I am using have been dictated by what colours I have and what colours I have the most of! I want to create a pleasing pattern and I think I will have enough of the main colour yarn to make this one a success. The shades I am using correspond to Homespun Harvest, Olive, Corinthian and Sierra (Sierra as the main colour throughout). However, as I don't have much of the Olive or Corinthian colours there may have to be a stripe or two of something else. I want it to look very Autumnal so will try to stay away from the bright pink and purple colours that I also have bought (also in the mill ends packages!) Watch this space!

It's now February 8th and second picture of progress is up! I think I will have enough Corinthian and Olive to finish the required stripes.

February 9th, it's Saturday and had a good knit this evening while watching Dr. Who and Law and Order! I think I am more than halfway.

February 10th, did well today, I think I am going to make it in the 6 days! It is very long now, - 5 feet 6 inches!

February 11th. It's finished and the cat and my husband are pleased. No more Cornithian left. My "masterpiece" is over 6 feet long, and can cover up a 6 foot husband!

I eventually used one skein of Corinthian, 3/4 skein of olive, three skeins of Harvest and nearly four skeins of Sierra, although all the skeins were odd sizes (being Mill Ends)
The question is - what am I going to knit next? I've got a lot of unknitted Homespun Baroque and Waterfall upstairs - hmmmmmm!



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    That is awesome work!!!! Yes, it does look hard. And on a circular needle? I find knitting intimidating. I don't know if I ever could master it but I love the look of it.

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    Thanks for the nice comment. Although it is done on a circular needle, this does not mean you go round and round. As the afghan is so wide and heavy it would be very difficult to knit on two regular straight needles. Therefore a "circular" needle is used here, You just knit it back and forth. It sounds a bit confusing, but it's not knitted as a "tube". Hope this clears up the confusion. You could knit - go on "have a go". They even have special CD's and DVD's and a Dummies Guide to help everyone.

    This is my first time on instructables. I am looking for instructions on how to knit an afghan. Yours is beautiful, really beautiful, but I don't see the instructions or pattern. I know how to knit...not sure about purling or any other stitches. I can find out how to do them but I need a pattern to start with so I'll know what stitches to search for. Any chance you would send me the pattern? Oh, I used to make washcloths too so I also know how to k2g...that's it.

    As it is not my own pattern and probably protected by copyright. I can only give you the name of the pattern book it comes from which is The Ultimate Book of Knit Afghans, by American School of Needlework. The name of the pattern is American Beauty Rose. This is a great pattern as there is only row in the pattern that is not straighforwad knitting or purling. Alternatively a great source of knitting patterns is the Lion Brand website, where they give lots of free patterns. I went and had a look and there is a similar pattern on their website for an afghan called Catch the wave, which looks fairly similar to the one I knitted and gives good instructions. You may have to sign up for the web site to receive the patterns, but it doesn't cost anything. I find this web site a great resource for patterns. Good luck and happy knitting.

    I can't believe you finished a full size afghan so quickly! It would take me forever. It looks wonderful. Great job!

    Well, You did it! Excellent job! I like those colors together. I would like that in my living room. You are a speed knitter!!

    bevneal01 says: I Love your afghan! The color's are so beautiful together! Wish I could get the hang of kniting. Great Job!

    I just love this afghan! Are you sure you don't want to give another one away???? LOL! Seeing there isn't much more I can learn in crochet, I'm looking forward to teaching myself to knit. I actually know the basics of knitting, but am ready to really get into the guts of it. I'll have to make a note of that pattern and book you mentioned. :)

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    You do have an eye for color. The Homespun afghan is going to be so nice and cozy. I have gotten those mill ends of Homespun in AC Moore before as well but haven't seen them in a while. Good deal, I think they were 3 skeins for five dollars, but it was several years ago. The Sierra is really nice. Do you go on Ravelry? There are alot of nice afghans posted but some people have no color sense.

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    I haven't seen the Homespun type yarn for a couple of years, I must admit, but the store I go to still has these mill ends in different yarns. They all weigh 16 oz, and usually the skeins are odd sizes. Still a good deal.

    The colors shown separately look very different to the part that is knitted up. Just goes to show you can't always tell what the finished product will be like. I don't think I would have been brave enough to use those colors together, but they work!

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    I agree! Looking at the skeins, I never would have thought they'd look as good as they do knitted into the afghan. Some people just seem to have an eye for it.

    It's lucky I didn't put the colours together in their skeins before I started as I would never have used them. I think the Sierra keeping them all "apart" is the trick!

    I love your colors!
    You're moving along quickly, too- I'm jealous. ;)