Afk Machine

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Step 1: Base

Build a 5 by 5 square and add a block in the middle

Step 2: Stair and Sign

In a corner put a stair add a block in front like the picture add a nother block in the corner an then another beside and a sing on that block like the picture

Step 3: Water

Place the water on the stair

Step 4: Your Done

Enjoy your afk machine (this works on all versions of mincraft)

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    Reply 1 year ago

    "Away From Keyboard" aka you're not ingame and if you jump in here afk-kicker bots will think you're playing.

    Mlg-pro 209

    6 years ago

    If your on a server and you dont want to get kiked you build this and go in it and youl still be moving but you can do watever you want and you wont get kiked


    I put this at spawn in one of my worlds and entombed it in stone. Epic trolling!