Afk Slide

If you have an idea about what I should do next just post it in the comments of any of my instruc...

This is how to make a afk slide if you don't know what afk means it means away from keyboard

There is really no purpose to this except it is a infinite waterslide

19 of any block
1 of any slab
1 water bucket
1 sign (not to label unless you want it to)

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Step 1: Base

A hollow 5 x 5 square on the ground with a three tall pillar in the middle

Step 2: Sign

Place the sign on the middle block on the pillar and if you want label it.

Step 3: Slab and Water

Place the sign in either one of the corners (inside the structure) that are next to the sign then put the water on top of the slab the water should go around the pillar then go back up to the slab

Step 4: Decorate As Pleased

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    5 years ago

    I found that out from 1 of my friends I didn't even know you posted that Mlg-pro

    Mlg-pro 209

    5 years ago

    U totally coped that of of me


    5 years ago

    All it does is makes you float is circles indefinitely until you get out


    5 years ago

    could you post a video to show it working?