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Introduction: Afterbath Baby Cocoon

Nothing like a cocoon to keep baby warm after a bath on a cold night. These use a double layer of towels for extra thickness and warmth. I have made two sizes here with one being a little easier than the other. It is a basic and simple idea with plenty of room for improvising. It could easily be tweaked using other soft and cuddly materials, like an old sweater or baby blankets. Experiment with different fabrics for other snuggly options.

Materials Needed:
Size Small - 4 hand towels, mine were about 16 x 27 inches
Size Large - 2 bath towels, standard size 
2 washcloths in contrast color for applique

Sewing machine, thread, and needle for thick fabrics
Scissors, for paper and cloth
Light cardboard for template of applique (optional)
Chalk or marking crayon

Step 1: Sew Towels Together

Pin and sew 2 hand towels together along the 2 long edges and 1 short edge.
Repeat with other 2 hand towels.

Pin and sew 2 bath towels together along all 4 edges.

Step 2: Quilting

For both sizes, measure evenly across each double layered towel and mark with pins where you want to quilt. 
Sew vertical and horizontal lines or use your own pattern.
Certainly there is plenty of room for creativity here.

Step 3: Make the Applique

Draw half of a heart on the edge of the cardboard.
Lay it flush with the folded edge of a washcloth.
Trace and cut.
Repeat with the other washcloth.
Pin the two heart shapes together and sew almost completely around, leaving a small opening. (I used a 1/4 inch seam.)
Turn inside out and close the opening.
Sew around the inside about 1 inch from the edge just to accentuate the shape.

Step 4: Attach the Pocket

Large Only
Fold the towel so it is about 21 - 22 inches wide.
Cut off the excess.

Both Sizes
Position the heart onto what will be your front layer and attach the sides and bottom, leaving the top open.
It may be very thick so adjust your machine as needed and go slowly.

Step 5: Final Step

Small Only
Fold down a few inches for a cuff on what will be the right sides.
Lay the right sides together and sew sides and bottom together.
Turn right side out. DONE.

Large Only
Fold the bath towel inside out and sew along bottom and side. (I do a second row for reinforcement.)
Turn right side out. DONE.

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    That's the beauty. You can make it whatever size your baby needs!