Aftermath Kirenex

Introduction: Aftermath Kirenex

These are all pictures of my Kirenex as I bought (and made) different parts for it.



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    Hey, I just got this gun from a freind, I searched up the name of it and this came up, the picture you took looks identical to mine, although mine has a lot of problems, it’s probably really old cause some of the pieces are missing, but it’s still a solid good gun, how much could this thing sell for if I get it fully fixed up?

    I have wanted to get one of these for a while. Can you still get them? i have the Aftermath Broxa Evolution (knock off MP5), and i am very satisfied with it.

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    I dont think that they make them anymore, JG makes an almost identical one now, i think its called the M4 S-system. I still prefer the Aftermath over it, but it is essentially the same gun. The JG one is probably the reason Aftermath discontinued it.

    Mine was $170 when I got it, but Aftermath Discontinued it about 6 months after I got it. I dont know why, mine still works fine after 2 years and over 70,000 rounds through it.

    I LOVE THIS GUN. You have to post 'ibles for the things you made. WHERE DID YOU BUY ALL THE STUFF? I've looked at a LOT of websites, but most are in the U.S., and don't ship to Canada, where I am.

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    I got most of the stuff from, I'm pretty sure they ship internationally. The box mag is from, Evike has them, it was just cheaper at airsplat, but I'm not sure that they ship to Canada, i would think that they do though.

    Firstly, what kind of gun is a "Kirenex"?  I can see your keywords, but others cannot.

    Secondly, captions would be good to let people know what you bought and what you made (and if you made them, where is the instructable?).

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    the kirenex is a knock off of a jg m4 buts still a very good gun i had one for a couple years till the gear box final gave and cracked.