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Introduction: Agate Magnets

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I'm not sure if these pieces are actually geodes, druzies, or agates. I find them on eBay under searches using all of those keywords so it's never really been clear. I know that geodes have little mineral formations/crystals etc. and some of the pieces I'm using may or may not fall under the agate name used, but because I can't find a definite answer, I'm going with "agate".

These are great easy to make magnets. They make wonderful gifts and are very pretty.

Step 1: BoM

Agate slices (I get mine from eBay)

Magnets (craft store)


Metallic paint & brushes (craft store)

Step 2: Paint

Carefully paint the edges of the slice and allow to dry. Depending on the piece, you may want to paint the back as well but this is optional.

Step 3: Glue

When your slice is dry, glue the magnet to the back and allow to dry/cure fully before use. Some of my magnets are self-adhesive and I still put epoxy on them.



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    People who look for these are often called "agate lickers", because the beauty can only be seen when wet. If you forgot your spray bottle, there is always SPIT.


    1 year ago

    A lovely decorative rock ible.

    Agate formation and Quartz crystals are both SiO2 silicone dioxide and both can be found inside geodes like this 2/3 cut open geode.

    Distinguishing Agate features are the lines each of which is thousands of lines under microscope probably an eon per color.. The center is a haphazard quartz crystal growth.

    Voted for you..

    03 Agate.jpg
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    Thanks for the deets and the vote! :-)