Agave Cord Cozy




Introduction: Agave Cord Cozy

What should I say...? I need more Tools !!

Whats better for a sunny summer day than a cold beer ? Well...what if that beer remains cold for a little longer than when you hold with your bare hands.I give you this Handmade cozy made from agave cord.

Step 1: Stuff.


Agave cord. about 5 meters.

Super glue.

Office Pin.

Empty beer can.

Step 2: Spirals Time.

Glue the tip of the agave cord, let it dry and naili it to a piece of wood and start to make an spiral glueing the cord. When you got a circle of about 7.5 cms then start to make a cylinder with the help of an empty beer can and taking care of not glue the can and the cord together.I make a 10 cms cylinder cut the tip and glue it inside the cylinder.

Step 3: Try It !

Due to his natural fibers the agave cord, retain the cold and keep the beer or soda cold and fresh.I hope somena out there find this useful, let me know you comments. Please comment and vote.



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    3 Discussions

    I recently read about agave yarn! I had no idea! It has a beautiful sheen. I'm on the lookout for some now! Thanks!

    very clever . I like it . Lots cheaper that what you may find for sale .